Unravelling Beirut street art is an art in itself

Beirut is a vibrant place, an intense place, a chaotic place. A place full of conflict and harmony, a place filled to the brim with emotion and history. It’s a city that collides with itself on religious, political and social grounds. And all this results in inspiration. Inspiration that can be found on the city walls in drawings and graffiti.

I was lucky enough to walk the streets today with Ramona Hijazi, looking for people we could interview on the history of Hamra, a neighborhood in Beirut. We passed some streets and I was drawn to the political and non-political graffiti on the walls, and took pictures. Without Ramona, I would never even have had a clue what it all meant. Hereby I share them with you.

this one does not need a lot of explaining…

President Mubarak of Egypt built the wall on the border with Gaza, this is not received well (to say the least) by many Arab countries. He is helping the enemy (Israel) contain the Palestinians. Indirectly, he is killing Palestinians, his fellow Arabs.

Underneath it says “smile”

I absolutely adored this one. Kinda reminded me of the movie 300. This. Is . Sparta!!!! hahahaha!

“Ella” is a female street artist with a very personal style. I was told by the internetcafe owner her work is so popular some people tear out pieces of the wall to take it home. This one was too big for that luckily…

yeah well, i can’t say smart stuff about all of them:)…

apparently the arab on his underwear says ” Mohammed put his hand on top of this”… Danish cartoonist eat your heart out:)

This is the last one for now. I have so may more, but uploading them takes AGES… And I desperately need a cold Lebanese beer… Shukran for reading people!


1 Response to “Unravelling Beirut street art is an art in itself”

  1. 1 Myke 03/04/2010 at 6:16 pm

    Dude mooi stuk!

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