Beirut street art continued

Before more taxi driver stories (currently working on the “incredible stories” part of the triptych) will find their way to this blog, let me first show you some more stencil art straight from the walls of Beirut.

Also, here I have a link to Ella’s blog, you can see her make some of the paintings I took photographs of.

Found this one on a construction site on Hamra street.

"Don't get any closer, my heart might swallow you"

More Ella

I think this is the same artist as the “triangulated city” stencil from the last street art blog. Anarchism is still alive in Beirut… At least on the walls it is.

It says “smoke” and a guy choking himself (?). This I found on these stairs near the sea. I was told that a lot of “forbidden things” happen on these stairs when night falls:

Getting ass-raped by the grim reaper. “Bareback” is a part of a larger group of stencils and graffiti artists in Beirut that deal with homosexuality.                        There is even a website on the top-10 gay stencils in Beirut. Click here to view.

This one is obviously also part of the gay stencil art series… Nice eh?

This one is fairly self-explanatory

This particular wall provided a lot of material…

3 Responses to “Beirut street art continued”

  1. 1 Zoë 15/04/2010 at 12:03 am

    Makes me want to take a stroll on Hamra! Sweet!

  2. 2 Andy Pandy 15/04/2010 at 8:12 am

    Slow down, Pepijn – this is getting embarrassing! What exactly has Anne de Graaf threatened you with? On second thoughts, keep them coming – I’m sure Beirut needs all the help we can give it.

  3. 3 jeanmarcnasr 23/02/2011 at 10:04 pm

    yo i’ve across ur post about beirut street art , and well im lebanese andjust wanted to tell you that if ur ever in beirut again check out the ones in karantina they are really great!

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